Do I Need a Database? your data needs

If your website will use a lot of data then you will need a way to organize this data efficiently. This might be product data, prices, comments or anything else you are providing to your website visitors. Your website visitors expect whatever data they need to just pop up instantly. They are not concerned with all the other product data you might have to look through first. A solid design can make this happen for the user, keeping them engaged and more likely to stay around.

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How Difficult Is This? think it through first

A solid database design will allow growth while keeping your existing data intact. Poor designs require re-designs, which is costly, inconvenient and unprofessional. So it pays to put some thought into this up front. Experience in database design, the knd of changes which can be anticipated and a good understanding of how your business operates will go a long way to make your database design effective.

See sample database workshop here for work with SQL Server and PostreSQL databases.

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How to Protect Data?
backups, recovery plans

While not an exciting subject, backing up your data is critical to business continuity. It is easy to take for granted that your data will always be there secure in your database. But you need a backup plan and a recovery plan for when hardware or software fails. Then your backups need to be tested to make sure that when disaster does strike you can recover quickly.

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