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Our extensive knowledge of SQL Server database technology will ensure high level performance and flexibility in your database applications. This area is often given a lower priority in software design, being less visible. It can often be key, however, to the overall performance and reliability of your software.

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We work with Microsoft .NET languages to develop reliable software meeting your design goals to power your business. Experience with software applications for a variety of industries and businesses helps us quickly understand your requirements. While aiming for simplicity and ease of use, we will not compromise on quality.

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Reach a greater number of potential customers by translating all or key parts of your website. Add translated documents for download. Nothing tells customers more that you care than making material available to them in their own language. We currently offer English, Chinese and Spanish translations.

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How to Build a Great Website where do you start?

It is exciting to contemplate building your own website - but where do you start? There seem to be so many ideas, designs and inspirations that it almost seems impossible to sort them all out. What is the purpose of the site? Are you buying, selling or informing? Who is it directed at? Do you have a plan? What is your timeline? What kind of budget? How will you update and maintain the site after launch?

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Don't Carry the Load Alone get yourself some help

I did it my way! Well, maybe you can, but you will likely need the skills others can give. Quickly a website conceived as small morphs into something much grander. Doubts, fears and delays slow the decision process to a crawl and threaten even getting you to a project plan. Don't let that happen! Share the load and don't become overwhelmed by the tasks in creating your very own website.

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How to Do It
your very own website!

You decide whether this becomes a major or minor project. But even a 'simple' website requires a lot of thought and resolving many questions. From design colors to layout to ease of maintenance there are decisions which will ultimately affect the success of your project. Some of the factors which go to making a good website design are Page Layout, Browser and Device Compatibility, Site Navigation, Color and Graphics, Content Presentation, Functionality, Accessibility and Maintainability.

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